Confidential Safety Information Reporting Scheme (CSIRS)

The Confidential Safety Information Reporting Scheme (CSIRS) is a reporting scheme for transport employees. The scheme operates under the provisions of Section 46E of the Passenger Transport Act 1990. The guiding principles for the CSIRS are that it is a voluntary, confidential and non-punitive scheme for transport employees in the public passenger transport sectors of the Rail, Bus and Ferry industries.

The purpose of CSIRS is to provide a mechanism for transport employees to report safety matters that have been reported within their employer's Safety Management System and which, for whatever reason, have either been ignored or dealt with inadequately. Alternatively, it provides a method for employees to report safety matters that they are not prepared to report to their employer for fear of retribution or vilification.

Process Overview

When a CSIRS report is received, OTSI satisfies itself that there is a genuine safety issue and determines the most appropriate entity to investigate the reported matter. This entity is usually the transport operator but in some instances it may be the safety regulator. OTSI provides a communication channel between the reporter and the identified responsible organisation. A Safety Valve Notification is the vehicle for such communication and it requires the responsible organisation to report back to the Chief Investigator on the findings and safety actions that arise out of the organisation's investigation.

Before the Chief Investigator sends a Safety Valve Notification to the Chief Executive Officer of the responsible organisation, the reporter is required to review the draft notice to ensure that it contains the required level of confidentiality and detail.

Once the responsible organisation has investigated a matter fully, it is required to provide a written report to OTSI that includes the safety actions that will be implemented to resolve any safety issue that was identified during the investigation. The results of the investigation are then passed onto the reporter.

Finally, should matters be considered to have significant operational safety implications, a CSIRS Results Report may be published on this website.

Further information about CSIRS can be obtained by contacting the CSIRS Officer on 1800 180 828.