Confidential Safety Information Reporting Scheme (CSIRS)

The Confidential Safety Information Reporting Scheme (CSIRS) is a voluntary, confidential and non-punitive scheme for employees in the public passenger transport sectors of the rail, bus and ferry industries to report matters which may affect the safe provision of services. The CSIRS operates under the provisions of Section 46E of the Passenger Transport Act 1990.

The CSIRS provides a mechanism for transport employees to report safety matters that have been reported within their employer's Safety Management System and which, for whatever reason, have not been adequately dealt with. It also enables employees to report safety matters that they are not prepared to report to their employer for fear of retribution or vilification. 

You can report a matter through the CSIRS in two ways:

  • Online – use the form below
  • By telephone – call 1800 180 828 between 8.30am and 5.00pm on weekdays and your report will be taken over the phone. 

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