Who Are We?

The Office of Transport Safety Investigations (OTSI) is an independent statutory body as prescribed in the NSW Transport Administration Act 1988. OTSI’s activities are also governed by the NSW Passenger Transport Act 1990.

OTSI is headed by the Chief Investigator and Deputy Chief Investigator, and contains a number of Transport Safety Investigators with expertise in rail, maritime, road and aviation transport industries.

OTSI’s executive, the Chief Investigator and Deputy Chief Investigator, have significant operational and executive experience, both nationally and internationally, in commercial operations, regulatory and investigative bodies across transport modes. Both have overseen the production of multi-modal reports and have been the Investigator-In-Charge (IIC) of transport accidents and incidents.

OTSI’s team of investigators are all multi-modal skilled with significant operational experience in the specifics of NSW operations, equipment, infrastructure and waterways. Additionally, many have prior regulatory experience and tertiary qualifications in accident investigation. All OTSI investigators have IIC experience.

OTSI maintains a 24/7 on-call capability at 1-800-677-766 of two investigators ready to deploy anywhere in NSW, supported by its executive.