Office of Transport Safety Investigations

The Office of Transport Safety Investigations (OTSI) is NSW's independent transport safety investigator.

OTSI's mission is to improve safety outcomes and enhance public confidence through independent investigation, sharing of lessons learnt, and engagement with the transport sector.

OTSI investigates safety incidents and accidents involving bus, ferry, and rail services and rail freight operations in NSW to understand why events occurred and to make recommendations to prevent them from happening again. It uses a 'no-blame' approach and does not apportion blame or liability.

OTSI’s Strategic Plan 2022-2025 (PDF) outlines our priorities to improve transport safety outcomes in NSW.

New website coming in early 2023

OTSI is revamping this website with fresh content, better navigation and new branding. We will release the new site in early 2023.

Latest OTSI reports published

Click here to see the latest investigation reports published. Investigation reports published by OTSI are in the following formats:

Interim Factual Statements 

An initial report containing factual information available at the time of the occurrence and an assessment of the scope of further investigation that is warranted under the Passenger Transport Act 1990.

Investigation Reports

A final report into an occurrence that is submitted to the NSW Minister for Transport and subsequently tabled in parliament. These reports may contain additional factual information, analysis, findings and recommendations, depending on the scope of the investigation as per the Passenger Transport Act 1990. Draft investigation reports may be provided to directly interested parties (as restricted information) as per Passenger Transport Act 1990.

Investigation reports may be broader systemic reviews into transport operations, based on trend analysis or a direction from the NSW Minister for Transport as per the Passenger Transport Act 1990.

Safety Alerts

A Safety Alert suggests action to be taken by bus, ferry or rail operators to address an issue that could pose an immediate safety risk to operations. An alert may be issued in response to a risk that is identified through the course of an OTSI investigation or following the review of an operator’s investigation report.

Safety Advisories

A Safety Advisory provides advice to operators and other industry stakeholders about longer-term safety issues that have been identified through an investigation or data analysis.

CSIRS Reports

The Confidential Safety Information Reporting Scheme (CSIRS) is for transport employees and operates under the provisions of Section 46E of the Passenger Transport Act 1990. It is a voluntary, confidential and non-punitive scheme for transport employees in the public passenger transport sectors of the rail, bus and ferry industries.

The CSIRS provides a mechanism for transport employees to report safety matters that have been reported within their employer's Safety Management System and which, for whatever reason, have not been adequately dealt with. It also enables employees to report safety matters that they are not prepared to report to their employer for fear of retribution or vilification. Click here to see the latest reports published.